If you flip through old fashion magazines or watch some old movies, or even go through your grandmothers’ old trunk, you will notice that fashions change every few years. In fact, every decade is recognized by the dominant fashion trends. For example, the 70s are synonymous with bell-bottomed pants and shaggy jackets while the 90s are known for their neon-colored clothing. So, why does fashion change over time and who decides what’s in fashion and what’s not.

This article will explain some of the main reasons why old fashions give way to new fashions over time.

1. The economy

Yes, it is as simple as that. Whether the economy is going through a boom or a recession has a big influence on what is considered fashionable. The 80s were a time of economic boom in many countries of the world. Due to this, big accessories were quite fashionable. Large earrings, bags, and glasses were the rage everywhere. Coming to the 2000s when the global economy went into a recession, minimalism became the trend. People wanted not to be noticed much and understated fashion became popular.

2. Celebrity influence

People simply love to copy what their favorite celebrities are doing. Be it movie starts, pop singers, models or YouTube celebs, people love dressing up like them. If a popular movie actor or actress wears an outfit of a certain color or style in the latest movie, then obviously their fans would want to wear the same thing.

Many brands and fashion stores start producing replicas of those dresses and Internet celebrities start offering tutorials to recreate those looks for their audiences. In no time, everyone catches on to those trends and you can spot them sporting the latest fashions in parties, weddings, universities and in restaurants.

3. The climate

The climate and natural environment influences fashion over time. All around the world, we are witnessing a change in climate. Some places are getting warmer while others are getting cooler. We cannot avoid these changes in our dressing choices and lifestyle. The hot climate makes a blue lily dress more wearable than an onyx dress.

For this reason, you will notice that nowadays people are preferring lighter fabrics and minimal fashion trends because it makes their body comfortable according to the local climate.

4. Social trends and technology

Social trends also dominate the fashion choices of an era. For example, in Pakistan nowadays lawn dresses for girls are the most popular outfit. There are many reasons for this. Compared to other materials, producing lawn is easier for all the garment manufacturers in the country. Similarly, a couple of decades ago, polyester clothing was the in thing because it was cheaper to make and more durable than cotton.

Nowadays, social media is a huge factor in determining the latest fashion trend. It is accessible around the world so a girl in one country can easily see what girls of her age are wearing in different countries around the world. You will notice that western clothing is more popular and acceptable in eastern countries nowadays.

So which fabric is popular depends to a large extent on the technology of the era and the social trend being followed by the public.

5. The need for change

This is the simplest explanation for why girls clothing fashion trends change over time. It is because by nature human beings like change and they get bored by following the same trends for a long time. They try to experiment and try out something fresh with their clothes. The might change the length of their shirt, for example, or try something baggy instead of well-fitted.

Fashion designers and brands understand how to create new clothing trends for girls. That’s why they try to influence people to drop the old trends and follow the latest fashion trends and shop latest trousers for boys from online stores. It also keeps them in business because unless people buy new clothes, they would not be earning.


Fashions change for many reasons, and that’s what makes fashion so exciting and fun for everyone. We all love to be part of a trend as it makes us feel part of the same group. But we also like to have a refreshing change from the same routine. After all, clothes are the most important extension of our personality, and as we change, so do our fashions.